Living Outside the Box

Living Outside the Box

My new blog about living with disability in a world which isn’t made for us, but yet we keep defying the odds.

My First Blog Post

Hello, I’m Lexi and welcome to my blog. I’m just getting started so please stay tuned from my next posts 🙂

Blind Pumping

I’ve been diabetic for the past 20 years. Initially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and at the age of 16 I was re-diagnosed with type 1 diabetes with insulin resistance. I began to take insulin injections and have been taking these for the past 12 years. A few years ago, my consultant suggested going ontoContinue reading “Blind Pumping”

My Horse Journey So Far

Horses, powerful, majestic, beautiful creatures. They are instinctive, intelligent and they give me the freedom to go as fast as I want! Photo description: Lexi is wearing jodhpurs and a hi-vis waistcoat and black riding hat, with her back to the camera riding a 15.2H brown and white horse (Rosco) with his bum facing towardsContinue reading “My Horse Journey So Far”

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